Barry ZeVon
Barry ZeVan The Weatherman

Meet Barry ZeVan (The Weatherman)

Barry ZeVan, the Weatherman, is the person we watched as a television personality with personality. His autobiography tells us there was far more to his life in addition to television weather forecasts and broadcasting. His life story is a compelling read with constant surprises on almost every page. I heartily recommend it to anyone who thinks they know about survival.—Walter F. Mondale, former U.S. Vice-President, Ambassador to Japan and United States Senator

Barry ZeVan’s memoir is a must-read chronicle of the highest highs and the lowest lows the veteran television personality and producer has experienced, often in the company of the world’s most celebrated personalities. It’s a tale of bright success fraught with darkness but always filled with hope. Want to know the price and the joys of celebrity? Read this book.—Rudy Maxa, PBS/American Public Television host, Smart Travels With Rudy Maxa

Thank You Jerry Stiller

Read Barry's New Autobiography

Thank You, Jerry Stiller... For Urging Me To Write This Book.

The really overwhelming life and lives of Barry ZeVan (the Weatherman)

This book is the result of encouragement from Barry’s longtime friend, Jerry Stiller, to recount the very rich experiences of his life. As Jerry Stiller wrote to Barry: “You’re an express train that hasn’t reached its destination . . . You should be more recognized.”

Barry says: “What I’ve written involves a lifetime of being welcomed into literally dozens of circles of the world’s most powerful individuals, globally, with vivid memories of how they were as ‘people’ Rather than “name-dropping”, the memories I’m sharing are related in awe and gratitude of my privilege to have had their private selves be shared with mine, and vice-versa, personally and professionally.”